Connexion à MetaTrader 5

This manual serves as a guide for connecting the MetaTrader 5 platform.

* To use this connection, it is necessary that the MetaTrader 5 platform with the connected trading account and quotes is running on your computer.

To connect MT5 to ATAS, first you need to configure MT5:

1. Launch MT5, click in the upper panel the button File - Open data directory:

2. In the window that opens, go to the \ MQL5 \ Experts folder and copy the OFT.ex5 and OFT.MT5.dll files from the folder where the ATAS platform is installed - the default is C: \ Program Files (x86) \ ATAS Platform:

3. In the menu, select Tools-> Options, open the Expert Advisors tab and check the Allow automatic trading and Allow DLL imports checkboxes:

4. Restart Meta Trader 5

5. Add the OFT advisor to any single chart, to do this, in the Navigator, expand the "Expert Advisors" tree, find OFT there and right-click on it - then left-click on "Attach to chart", or simply drag and drop OFT onto the chart.

When adding an advisor in the settings, you need to make sure that the correct path to the folder where ATAS is installed is specified in the AppPath parameter.

After - make sure that in the General tab is there a check mark on "Allow automatic trading".


After update of ATAS platform you need to repeat the second paragraph of this manual: copy the OFT.ex5 and OFT.MT5.dll files into \ MQL5 \ Experts folder. Or you can update expert through MT5 connector window by pressing "Install MT5 expert files" button

For online data to flow from MT5 to ATAS, specific contracts of the type BP6Z20 should be in the list of available instruments in MT5, not only continuous type @BP6.

To configure MetaTrader 5. connection to the ATAS platform, select one of the options:

1. Click on the "Connections" button in the home tab of the main platform window.

2. Click on the connection indicator in the main window of the platform.

Next, the connection window opens:

To add a new connection, click the Add button.

Next, a window opens with a list of available accounts and quotates providers:

In this window, select MT5 and then click Next.

Next, the windows for signing the agreement will open:

OCO (one cancels other) orders for the Transaq connection are locally emulated on your computer. This means that the platform must be connected to your broker for OCO orders to function properly. If you are disconnected and an OCO order is filled, the other orders of the same group WILL NOT BE CANCELED!

If everything suits you, click I Accept, Please continue / I accept, please continue.

1) Select your broker under Connection type.

2) MT5 address - address and port of connection to MT5. You do not need to change anything to run the platforms on one PC.

* After setting up, the connection will appear as a separate line in the connection window:

1. Type - type of connection.

2. Name / Name - the name of the account.

3. State / Connection Status. After adding a new connection, its default status is Disconnected. To connect, click the Connect button.

4. Is market data / Quotation provider - option to select a quotation provider.

5. Auto connect - check the box if you want the connection to happen automatically when the platform starts.

6. Connection settings button.

7.. Button to delete the connection.

8. Connect - button to enable the connection.

9. Button to add a new connection.

10. Button to close the connection window.

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