Ratio - relation between two numbers. The ratio of numbers A and B can be expressed as A:B, like 15/90

View of indicator on chart:

Image 8836

Note: This indicator works only in cluster regime of view.

Ratio Number appears above bearish candle and below bullish candle.

Two numbers which are compared are two highest asks for bearish candle and to lowest bids for bullish candles.

When the value of Ratio is a number between Low Ratio and Neutral Ratio - the Ratio number is black.
When the value of Ratio number above Neutral Ratio - the Ratio number is blue.

To add and configure the indicator, you must open the settings window.

Image 8840


Low Color - choose color of low ratio.

Neutral Color - choose color of neutral ratio.

High Color - choose color of high ratio.

Background Color - choose color of background of ratio number.


Low Ratio - set value of low boundary for ratio.

Neutral Ratio - set value of high boundary for ratio.

Font Size - set font size.

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