Workspace Setting

This function can be used to distribute the charts of traded instruments in various layouts and quickly to switch between them. This is especially useful in case of trading in a large number of instruments.

To create and to configure groups of layouts:

  • Select the Settings menu item in the main menu.
  • Select Layouts Settings.

Image 17557

This will open the Layouts window:

Image 17558

Image 17559

*Universal - all the windows of this layout will be visible in all working layers.

Create a new layout using one of the following two methods:

Option 1:

  • Click Add.
  • Next, do the following in the window that opens:

Image 602Enter the name of the Layout in the text box and click Add.The layout will be displayed in the list. After that, click the Open layout selector panel button in the Layouts window and select the newly added layout. Next, create the desired work window (charts, DOM etc.) and add a new layout.

* When minimized windows are added to a layout they will be minimized when this layout is opened.

Option 2: Create a copy of existing layouts. To do this:

  • Use the Clone Layout button after selecting the desired Layout from the list.
  • Image 603Next, change the name of the Layout in the window that opens and click the Clone Window . The window will be displayed in the list. The cloned layout will display the same windows that were in the original active layout.

After that, proceed to change the instrument in the cloned layout. More information about changing the instrument can be found here:

Instruments manager

- To load a layout, select it from the list and click on the Load.

- To delete a Layout, select it and click on the Remove.

- To rename a Layout, select it and click the Rename.

Layout Management

To switch between layouts, open the Select Layouts panel by using one of the following options:

  • Click the Open Layout Selector Panel in the Layouts window.
  • Go to the Settings menu in the main window and select Layouts.

Image 2929This will open the layout switching panel. The active/current layer is highlighted.

Select the required layout and left-click on it once.

* Change the working layer can also use the icon in the taskbar:

Image 1798

To move a chart, a tape, or a DOM to a specific Layout, use the Change Layout function:

  • Right-click on the required window.
  • Next, choose Change Layout in the pop-up context menu.

Image 605

Then, select the required layout in the window that opens and click on the Change Layout.

Image 606After that, the chart, the tape, or the DOM will be moved to the selected layout.

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