This module serves to monitor the market, a large number of instruments at the same time. Below is a brief description of the Watchlist module.

You can open it through the main window of the platform, as shown in the screenshot below:

Image 20886

Next, a window for selecting instruments will open, which is similar to the instruments manager, except that here you select instruments for the Watchlist by ticking checkboxes near instruments you are interested in. You can select either specific instruments or a whole section at once.

Image 20887

Next, the Watchlist itself opens:

Image 20888

1.2. Add a new symbol to the Watchlist.

3. Remove the symbol.

4. Open the module with the selected symbol.

Image 20889

5. Clone Watchlist.

6. Select the layer to which the Watchlist is attached.

7. Select the color of the window link group.

Image 20891

8. Open Watchlist settings.

Image 20890

Name - enter a name for the Watchlist window.
Show status bar
- turns on and off the display of the Watchlist status.
Update rate
- select the update rate of information in the Watchlist.

Low - up to 1 time per second
Medium - up to 2 times per second
High - 4 times per second

Right-click on an instrument or an empty space to bring up the context menu:

Image 20895

The Reset button resets the Watchlist sorting parameters.

Note: You can simply copy and paste the text to add instruments to the Watchlist. For example copy AAPL, 6B, SNGS, then click on Watchlist and press ctrl + V.

The instrument can be simply dragged and dropped from one Watchlist to another.

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