Margin Zones

This indicator allows you to automatically calculate and visualize margin zones to the specified parameters.

Type of indicator on the chart:

Image 9234


Margin Zone Level = Margin / Price Tick.

For example, take the euro futures, the ticker 6E.

Margin = $ 2300

Tick price = $ 6.25

Marginal zone level = 2300 / 6.25 = 368 ticks. This means that the margin zone will be built at a distance of 368 ticks from the initial price. The height of the marginal zone is 10% of this distance, that is, 36 ticks.

Margin values and tick price for the instrument can be viewed on the exchange, in our case it is CME:

We need to find the tool of interest:

Image 9239

View contract specification where you can see the price per tick:

Image 9240

Then open margin requirements, where you can see the necessary margin:

Image 9241

To add and configure the indicator, you must open the settings window.

Image 9235

100% zone

Color - choose a color for the zone.

Show - enable and disable the visibility of zone.

For other zones setting are similar.

Base line

Color - color selection of the baseline.

Show - enable/disable visibility of the baseline.

Isntrument parameters

Margin - set the value of the margin for calculation.

Tick cost - set a price of one tick.


Direction of zone - choose direction in which zones would be built.

Zone width - choose zone width in days.

Start price

Auto calculation - indicator automatically choose the initial price.

Custom price - set initial price manually.

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