Clear time and sales list

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Clear time and sales list

Hello dear ATAS team,

Every trader who works with a non-cumulative time and sales list knows the problem. The numbers run down so quickly, that it is almost impossible to grasp the individual numbers. Here I developed an idea that I would like to present to you today.

First I created the values ​​of the plumb bob from ASK and BID in a horizontal representation of a diagram. In the middle we see the sizes and the number of lots, on the right is the ask (shown in red because I have shown the limit sell orders) and on the left is the bid (shown in green because I have shown the limit buy orders) . The process is a bit jerky because I had to filter 31 time and sales lists to represent this idea. Here is a video:

Bid Ask Indicator.mp4

If you include an option in the time and sales list to display the individual values ​​(bid, ask, trades, best bid, best ask, best bid / ask) in a horizontal bar graph, the memory requirement is not as large as with 31 individual time and sales lists. A graphic can be grasped more quickly with the eye than numbers running down rapidly. This increases the probability of individual traders winning many times over. The big players usually use smaller market orders via their iceberg orders to push the price up or down. I've been watching this graphic for the past few weeks and have discovered some interesting patterns in it. Triggered stops can also be identified immediately.

This is a unique selling point for ATAS, as this option is not available in any other software. Maybe you like the idea.

Kind regards Michael