Development of a strategy

Strategies API allows to create two types of strategies:

  • ATM strategies -  это защитные стратегии, позволяющие автоматизировать сопровождение открываемых пользователем позиций.
  • Chart strategies - стратегии, разрабатываемые на основе API индикаторов, которые позволяют автоматизировать торговлю.

In order to develop a user protective strategy it is necessary to::

  1. Develop a project of a library of classes in Visual Studio.
  2. Add a link to ATAS Strategies.dll, which is in the directory with the installed program, in the project.
  3. Create a strategy class and inherit it from ATMStrategy.
  4. Realize the logic of the strategy operation.
  5. Compile the library.
  6. Place the resulting dll file into the \Documents\ATAS\Strategies directory.
  7. The created strategy will appear in the list of strategies when ATAS is launched the next time.