ValueDataSeries - numerical data

This DataSeies is designed for storing the decimal data for each bar.

It is added to each indicator by default.

It has the following properties:

  • VisualType - visual layout. It could be, for example, a line, bar chart, arrow or something else.
  • Width - width of the line, point, bar chart and so on.
  • Color - colour.
  • LineDashStyle - line style.
  • ScaleIt - a flag that regulates the indicator auto-scale.
  • ShowCurrentValue - a flag that regulates display of the most recent (current) value.
  • ShowZeroValue - a flag that regulates display of zero values.
  • Digits - a number of decimal places for displaying the DataSeries values in the price scale.

The DataSeries has the SetPointOfEndLine(int bar) method, which allows setting the line interruption point.


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