Bar Timer

Bar Timer is a technical  indicator which shows time remaining before candle closes. 

Indicator view on the chart

Image 40486

To add and set up this indicator, open  the settings window.

Image 40487

Custom current time timezone

Time format - specify a custom timezone offset

Time settings


  • Time until bar closes
  • Current time
  • Time format


OffsetX - setting the indicator’s shift along the X axis.

OffsetY - setting the indicator’s shift along the Y axis.

Size - setting the size of the indicator.

Location - setting the location of the indicator on the chart:

  • TopLeft
  • TopRight
  • BottomLeft
  • BottomRight


BackGround - a color setting for the indicator’s background.

Color - a color setting for the indicator’s text.


Use alerts

Alert File

Text color

Area color

Change color before new candle

Use alerts

Alert file

Seconds - set the number of seconds before forming a new candle to trigger an alert

Show area - change the color of the indicator when an alert is triggered

Area color - the indicator's background color

Text color - the indicator’s text color

If you add an indicator to the chart with a tick timeframe, then it will show the number of ticks before the candle closes.

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