Open Interest (ОІ)

This indicator shows the total number of open short and long positions for the contract held by all market participants for this instrument.

Please note: In online mode, open interest is shown only for futures on the Russian market, Binance and Bybit exchanges. It is not possible to set it up in real time for most exchanges because not all of them submit OI data online. Some stock exchanges submit this data based on trading session results, e. g. Chicago Stock Exchange. Some stock exchanges do not submit OI at all.

Indicator view on the chart.

Image 41882

To add and set up this indicator, open the settings window.

Image 41883



Filter color.


Panel – selection of the indicator position on the chart: 

  • New panel.
  • Chart.
  • Value:
    • Show zero values;
    • Show value;
    • Scale;
    • Color;
  • Visual type:
    • Line
    • Histogram
    • Hash
    • Block
    • Cross
    • Square
    • Dots
    • Up arrow
    • Down arrow
    • Only Value On Axis
    • Hide
  • Line style:
    • Solid;
    • Dash;
    • Dot;
    • Dash Dot;
    • Dash Dot Dot;
  • Width;
  • Draw Above Price;
  • Ignore By Alerts;
  • OI
    • Show value;
    • Visible;
    • Scale;
    • Up candle color;
    • Down candle color;
    • Candle Border;
    • Mode:
      • Candles;
      • Bars;
    • Draw Above Price;
    • Ignore By Alerts.


Mode - select the display mode of the indicator

  • By Bar - calculating the values for each bar separately
  • Session - values are reset after each start of the session
  • Cumulative - values are calculated over the entire period available for calculations

Minimize Mode - enable a more compact display for the By Bar mode.

Show description.

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