The Average True Range (ATR) indicator shows the degree of the price change for a specific period of time. In other words, it shows this asset volatility. 

View indicator on the chart.

Image 2270

Calculation formula of the ATR:

ATR = Moving Average(TRj, n),
TRj = maximum of the modules of three values
|High - Low|, |High - Closej-1|, |Low - Closej-1|.

To add and set up this indicator, open the  the settings window.

Image 2271


Period-setup of the indicator calculation period.


Panel-selection of the indicator position on the chart:

  • New panel.
  • Chart.


Show value-display of the indicator value on the left on the price scale.

Scale - if this option is on, the scale is calculated automatically based on the minimum and maximum values of the indicator to fit the latter in the chart.

Color-color setup of the indicator.

Visual type– visual setup of the indicator display on the chart:

  • Line
  • Histogram
  • Hash
  • Block
  • Cross
  • Square
  • Dots
  • Up arrow
  • Down arrow
  • Axis label
  • Hide

Line style- setup of the line display:

  • Solid
  • Dash
  • Dash-dot
  • Dash-dot-dot

Width-width setup for the index line.

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