How to disable recurrent payments

How to renew your current subscription

License extensions and recurring payments are performed automatically.

You can find information about the tariff plan, subscription and card details at the top of the page.

If you see a “Subscription error” notification, click the arrow icon to renew your current subscription.

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How to change a tariff

To switch to a new tariff plan, you need to purchase the desired subscription. You can do this either on the website or in your personal account

Select the desired subscription. Click the [Buy] button under the tariff plan you are interested in.


You will not have to pay the full cost of a new subscription — the unused balance of your current account will be automatically credited as partial payment for the selected tariff.

Deposit the required amount into your account.

Set up a recurrent payment - tick both boxes: "Enable auto-renewal" and “Save your credit card information for future purchases”.


Check your personal area. A new subscription is activated automatically. If the tariff plan has not changed, update the data by clicking on the refresh icon.


Please note!

When switching from GLOBAL to MOEX or from MOEX to GLOBAL, you can choose a tariff plan whose price is NOT LOWER than the unused funds on the balance.

If you have a GLOBAL subscription, you can buy any additional plan among the GLOBAL licenses. If you use a subscription to MOEX, you have the opportunity to buy any additional tariff among MOEX licenses.

The unused balance of your previous subscription will be automatically credited as additional license days.

How to change card details

Changing the payment card data is possible when making a new billing on the “ATAS Shop” page.

Tick the boxes “Enable auto-renewal” and “Save your credit card information for future purchases”.


After the payment, the system will receive the confirmed data of the new card; it will be automatically saved as a card for subsequent recurring payments.

ATAS licenses can be paid for with VISA / Mastercard / Maestro bank cards.

How to disable recurrent payments

To disable recurrent payments, go to the main page of your personal area following this link:

The section for managing your recurring subscription is located at the top of the page:


Click on the gear icon next to the card number to cancel your subscription:


Click the [Disable recurrent payments] button to cancel recurrent billing.


You can also open the setting page of recurrent payments through the profile menu in the top right corner


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