Common Settings

When you click on the "General settings" button, the settings window opens:

Image 34109

Value Area Percent :

This function sets the size of the value zone as a percentage of the total volume for the period.

Continuous Profile Source:

Image 34110

There are 2 settings to choose from:
1. Source from the current contract - the profile will be formed only according to the data of the current contract.
2. For the entire period of time - the profile will be formed according to the Continuous contract data.

Max Candles Per Chat:

You can select the maximum number of candles that can be displayed on the chart.

Renderer Type:

Image 46187

You can select three types of rendering:
1. Direct2D - renders on video card resources.
2. GDI - performs rendering on CPU resources.

3. OpenGLSkia - renders using the video card resources, the OpenGL standard and the Skia graphics library.

Show Debug Info:
This feature enables the display of debugging information in all windows.

Video adapter:
This function is designed to select the video card on which the platform will work.

Backup Period:
This function is used to select after what amount of time (in days) the system does the backup.

Maximum Store Backups:
This function allows to select the maximum number of backups that will be stored on your device.

Levels Count:
This function serves to limit the number of visible DOM levels. If you want to remove the DOM limit, then set it to 0.

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