Authorization window and platform version selection

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1. Login field

2. Password field

3. Server selection list. 5 options are available:  F2, E2, T2, R2, Auto.

All servers are the same, they store historical data. Server Auto - one of the three servers is automatically selected.

4. List of workspaces selection.

5. Workspace editor. With it, you can change the workspace without opening it and without loading graphics.

6. This warning icon appears when too many graphs, drawing objects are open in the workspace, or too much history is loaded, which can cause the platform to work slowly.

7. Check the box if you want to save the data and not enter your login and password the next time you log in.

8. Click the Connect button after entering your login and password to enter the platform.

9. A button to select the platform version and also an indicator of the current version. Click the left mouse button to display the list of versions.


The stable version is the most reliable platform version, which is released several times a year and is intended for regular use.

Before its release, the stable version was thoroughly checked by the testing team and the ATAS community.

It doesn’t have all new functions and fixes of the last or beta version.

The latest version is a release candidate, which will appear one or two months before a new stable platform version release.
This variant has updated functionality and fixes, which passed beta-testing and are at the final stage of revision.

The beta version has the latest features and fixes, which require testing and may have their own bugs or limitations.
It was tested internally and is tested by the community of experienced ATAS users to make sure that there are no bugs in the stable version as much as possible.

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