Sound Settings

These settings are used to enable audio alerts upon the occurrence of any event in the platform: connection to/disconnection from the server, connection/disconnection of the trading account, events when working with orders.

To configure sound notification:

  • Select the Settings menu item in the main menu.
  • Select Sounds Settings.

Image 40721

The settings window will open:

Image 40722

To enable sound notifications check the Enable Sounds box, then, check boxes of the desired events.

Server connection:

Connected to server.

Disconnected from server.

Connecting the trading account and quotes:

Account connected.

Account disconnected.

To work with orders:

Order placed.

Order filled.

Stop Order filled.

Order canceled.

Order modified.

Order rejected.

You can also change the notification sound by left-clicking once on the audio file selection icon.

Image 40723

Select the desired audio file and double-click on it or select the file and click the Open button in this window.

Image 40724

*You can also choose your own audio files for different events by adding them to the Sounds folder.
By default, the folder is located in C:\Program Files (x86)/Advanced Times and Sales/Sounds

Important: the audio file must be in the WAV format! For example, you can use this website to convert your audio file:

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