Chart Display Modes

By default, the ATAS platform opens a candlestick chart; however, you can also choose any template from 6 chart display modes by using one of the following options:

1. Left-click on the icon on the chart menu bar and select the desired display mode in the pop-up menu.

2. Use the context menu by right-clicking on the chart and select the desired display mode in the pop-up menu.

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Let us consider these modes in more detail.

Bars and candles are standard charts for the classical analysis. They are built on the basis of four data types (closing, open, high and low of a range). Bars differ from candles only in their appearance.


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Transparent Candles are a type of candles. Their main feature, as the name suggests,is their transparency. Often, a variety of indicators and drawing objects must be applied to a chart; in this case, clarity is achieved by using this chart display mode so as not to overload the chart with color.

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Line Chart: the simplest chart in terms of building, which is based on the close price for a selected range. This chart carries very little information content but is convenient for displaying general trends, especially over an extended period of several months or even years.

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Clusters are the relatively new type of analytical charts; in the west, this stock information display mode is called the Footprint chart. Clusters represent digital or graphical display of data on performed sells and buys inside each bar at every price level.

Please note that the cluster display mode features an additional vertical menu on the left of the chart window with various options for the display of clusters:



Time (in seconds)

Bid x ask: bids and asks separately

Delta: the difference between bids and asks

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Let us consider cluster chart display options:

The following are some examples of the display of these options of cluster chart settings.


Image 977

Image 2905


Image 987

Image 2906


Image 993

Image 2907


Image 2908


Image 2909

Market Profile: this is actually a cluster chart subtype; however, it is shown as a horizontal volume histogram.

Please note:By default, the reduction of the chart scale will change the cluster chart to a candle chart, and vice versa.This is done for convenience; but this option can be disabled if required by using settings.

Image 1010

To disable this option:

1. Click on the settings icon.

2. In the settings window that opens to the left, select the Visual Settings tab.

3. After that, uncheck in the Auto Transform Candles to Clusters box in the Other section.

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You can find more information about chart settings here:

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