Time Zones (Time Zone Configuration)

This module is used to adjust the display of time on the ATAS platform. For example, you want your local time or, vice versa, the local time of the exchange that trades every instrument to be displayed everywhere (on the charts and in other windows of the platform). This requires the configuration of time zones.

Image 17529

To configure the time zone:

  • Select the Settings menu item in the main platform menu.
  • Select Time Zones.

Image 17530

Time zones can be configured:

  • By Exchange (the list of available exchanges is given on the screenshot): when this setting is enabled, the time zone will be reflected on all instruments of the selected exchange.
  • By Symbol: the time zone will be reflected on specifically selected instruments only.
  • Set local time: sets the local time to the exchange / instrument that is selected

To configure:

1. Select the exchange or the instrument.

2. Enter the value.

* You can view the time zone of each exchange in the window: Exchanges settings.

** By default, all the values are set to zero, which corresponds to the GMT server time zone (UTC). It is sufficient to specify the time offset relative to this time zone to get the desired result.

3. Click Apply.

After the time zone has been configured, update the chart by right-clicking on it and selecting Update from the context menu.

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