Connecting to Transaq Connector (Russian market only)

Please note! Transaq Connector and data access Transaq terminal - are two different things!

The platform ATAS have the opportunity to connect through Transaq Connector, through Transaq will not connect. Access to Transaq Connector can be taken separately from your broker.

To configure the connection Transaq to the ATAS platform, choose one of the options:

1.Go to the main window menu - Settings, then the submenu Connection to DataFeed.

2. Click once on the connection indicator in the main platform window.

Image 17461

Next, open the Connection window:

Image 622

To add new a connection press Add


Next, a window opens with a list of available accounts and vendor quotes:

In this window, you select the connection type Transaq and click Next.

Image 21438

Next, a window opens for the signing of the agreement:

Image 17463

OCO (one cancels other) orders for the Transaq connection are locally emulated on your computer. This means that the platform must be connected to your broker for OCO orders to function properly. If you are disconnected and an OCO order is filled, the other orders of the same group WILL NOT BE CANCELED!

If you are agree, click I Accept, Please continune.

1. Enter your login information (login and password), provided by your broker in the connection window for Transaq connection authorization.

2. Enter the required data in the Host field .

3. In the Account type field, select the type of account: real, HTF or demo.

4. Select the logging level in the Transaq Log level field:

Minimum = 1 (general information);

Normal = 2 (critical errors);

Maximum = 3 (the most detailed log).

5. Click Next.

Image 17464

* Logging level - logging level selected by the user ! The choice of the level depends on the degree of technical detail of the information to the merchant server is displayed in the logs. 4 logging levels are available

  • Debug
  • Info
  • Warning
  • Error

* High-speed HFT Transaq: a special Transaq trading server, which is located in the M1 data center and has dedicated communication channels to stock exchanges. Special configuration of this server allows achieving a high speed of order execution, compared to the speed with the direct connection.

IMPORTANT! Connecting to a high-speed Transaq server is free but is only available to customers whose net asset value on all brokerage accounts exceeds RUB 1,000,000.00.

Please note! After the conection, you need to change your password!

To change the password, create a Transaq Connector connection, connect, and go to the connection settings. To do this, click on the Change password button, which will appear in this connection configuration window.

* Attention: log-files libraryTransaq Connector saved in C:\Users\(user name)\Documents\Advanced Time And Sales\Transaq\log. They need to analyze the problems encountered by employees of your broker.

* After setting up the connection appears as a separate line in the terminal window:

Image 479

1. Type - source connection.

2. State. After adding a new connection, the status default Disconnected. To connect you must click Connect button.

3. Quotes Source - The option of choice quotes provider.

IMPORTANT! Only one quote scource must be connected for Russian and US markets!

4. If you want to connect to happen automatically when you launch the platform, you must enable the option Connect on startup.

Image 4865. Connection Setup button.

Image 482 6. Remove the connect button.

Image 483 7. Disconect button.

Image 484 8. Add a new connection button.

Image 485 9. Save settings button.

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