Connecting to ATAS SIM

ATAS SIM is a demo server for western and Russian futures. Now, all ATAS users can create and connect a virtual account to test their trading systems and to hone their trading skills. Totally risk-free! All transactions made on this virtual account are processed and executed only on our demo server. Moreover, you do not need to keep your computer on all the time for orders to work correctly! All the orders, including OCO orders, are stored and executed on the server.

* Use of the demo server does not provide online quotes, so you need to additionally connect them.

To configure the ATAS SIM connection to the platform ATAS, choose one of the options:

1. Go to the main window menu - Settings, then the submenu Connection to DataFeed.

2. Click once on the connection indicator in the main platform window.

Next, open the Connection window:

To add new a connection press Add

Next, a window opens with a list of available accounts and vendor quotes:

In this window, you select the connection type ATAS SIM and click Next.

Click Next

* After setting up the connection appears as a separate line in the terminal window:

1. Type - source connection.

2. State. After adding a new connection, the status default Disconnected. To connect you must click Connect button.

3. Quotes Source - The option of choice quotes provider.

IMPORTANT! Only one quotes source must be connected for Russian and US markets!

4. If you want to connect to happen automatically when you launch the platform, you must enable the option Connect on startup.

5. Connection Setup button.

6. Remove the connect button.

7. Disconect button.

8. Add a new connection button.

9. Save settings button.

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