Connecting to Interactive Brokers

To connect ATAS to Interactive brokers you need to make some changes in TWS settings. You need to download and install the latest version.

NOTE: Interactive Brokers market data may differ significantly from other data providers due to the nature of this connection. Please, take this into account, when analyzing/trading, using this broker's connection.

NOTE: demo account from Interactive Brokers doesn't receive online data for stocks.

IMPORTANT: this connection only works for the western market. That is, you will not be able to receive quotes for Russian instruments through Interactive Brokers.

To do it follow the next steps:

1. In the main menu choose "File -> Global configurations" and in opened window choose

«Configuration -> API -> Settings».

2. Allow «Enable ActiveX and Socket Clients».

3. Allow “Download open orders on connection”.

4. Check and remember port number. If this port is already used on your computer please enter another port number (any number from the local port range (fields below))

5. Close and save the settings by clicking "OK".

Image 24473

Now we are ready to connect ATAS to TWS, so open main menu in ATAS and click by left mouse button to the one of the field as shown on the screenshot below

1. Go to the main window menu - Settings, then the submenu Connection to DataFeed.

2. Click mouse button on the lamp connections in the main window platform.


Image 17451

In the opened window choose "Add" and in the next window choose Interactive Brokers and press "Next".

Image 565

Image 17452

Here we are in settings window for IB connection:

Image 17454

1. In the field of line "Host" type IP address and port number of computer where TWS is installed. If TWS is running on the same computer where ATAS is, IP should be Port - the value from the 'Socket port' in the TWS settings.

2. Client ID - is the unique number over zero for connected program (TWS can have several connections and if you use only ATAS to connect - leave 1 or change to any other number).

3. Press "Next".

Now you see new line in the list of connection sources:

Image 568

By pressing "Connect" you will make the connection.

Useful labels:

1. Type - the source.

2. State - connection status. For new connection status set as default "Disconnected", so please press "Connect".

3. Quotes Source - option field to choose quotes provider.

4. Connect on startup - allow you to skip manual connection.

Image 569 5. Connection settings.

Image 570 6. Removeconnection from the list.

Image 571 7. Disconnect the source.

Image 572 8. Add new connection.

Image 573 9. Save settings and exit.

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