Hot Keys Configuration

This function can be used to configure hot keys to your liking, for trading and for chart and DOM functions.

To configure hotkeys:

  • Select the Settings menu item in the main menu.
  • Select Hot Key Manager.

Image 17567

This will open the Configuration window:

Image 777

In this window, you can configure hot keys for:

1. Trading.

2. Charting.

3. Smart DOM.

* Click the Clear button to clear the settings.

To return to the original settings, click the Reset button.

Click OK to save settings.

Image 17568

To set parameters, click on the gray rectangle next to the operation, which will open a window where you need to set the hotkey combination.

Image 17569

To delete a combination, click on the X.

Trading - configuring hotkeys for trading.

Image 17570

Buy Ask.

Buy Bid.

Buy Market.

Sell Ask.

Sell Bid.

Sell Market.

Cancel Asks.

Cancel Bids.

Cancel All.

Close Position.

Reverse Position.

Trading From Chart (by default, this function is activated using the Space key).

Charting - configuring hotkeys for chart functions. There are default combinations for charts, which can be edited if necessary.

Image 17571



Page Up.

Page Down.

Delete selected.

Trend line.

Vertical line.

Horizontal line.

Fibonacci retracements.




Market profile.



Right Price label.

Left Price label.




Up arrow.

Down arrow.

Delete All.

Copy All.

Copy Selected.


Select All.


Smart DOM - configuring hotkeys for DOM functions.

Image 17572

Lock trading.


Center All.

Clear trades columns.

Clear all current trades.

Clear bid current trades.

Clear ask current trades.

Clear all depth changes

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