Chart window

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Functions and features of the chart window

1. Change instrument - it allows you to change the instrument on the chart while retaining the settings, added indicators and drawing objects.

2. Choose chart periods and types

3. Change chart display modes

4. Drawing objects

5. Quick selection of the number of lots

6. Magnifier mode allows you to zoom in the section of the candlestick chart for clusters (can also be activated with the 'M' hot key).

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7. Indicators menu

8. Chart strategies menu

9. Change the type of mouse crosshair

10. Menu of favorite templates and snapshots

11. Chart Trader

12. Scale

13. Create linked windows

14. Make screenshot

15. Full screen mode

16. Clone window

17. Choose a layout

18. Window grouping allows you to change the instrument in several windows of the same group at the same time

19. Chart settings

20. Topmost.

21. Quick access toolbar for drawing objects.

    1. Button to move the panel.
    2. Panel settings.

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