How to add АТАS to the firewall exceptions list?

Login Failed

Sometimes while attempting to connect quotes, “Login Failed” message is displayed, although the login and password are entered correctly. This can happen because the standard Windows firewall or the installed antivirus program blocks connection.

To do so, ATAS should be added to the list of trusted programs according to the instructions given below.

For Windows 7 users:

● Open the “Start” menu.

● Select “Control panel”.

● Select “System and security”.

● In the window that appears select «Allow a program through Windows Firewall». This item is in “Windows Firewall” block

● Select “Allow another program…”.

● In the window that appears press “Browse” and select the required ATAS.exe file.

To add ATAS to the list of antivirus programs follow the instructions of the relevant developer.

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