Installing and Running the Platform

After registering on the site, go to the "Download" section and click on the "Download ATAS for Windows" button to download the installation file.

Image 34242

You can also download the platform by logging into your personal account.

To do this, go to the "Download ATAS" section and click on the appropriate button:

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After the file has been downloaded, run it.

Select the installation language.

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Press OK.
A window with the program installation wizard will open.

* Before proceeding with further installation, you must read the license agreement, if everything suits you, select: I accept the agreement / I accept the terms of the agreement, click Next...

Image 34159

The program will offer a default installation directory on the “C” drive, you can also select the installation directory yourself, after creating a folder for the program on the drive you need, by clicking on the Browse... button, then click on the Next button …

Image 34160

The program will prompt you to select the version of the platform that you would like to install.
Select the version you need and click the Next button ...

Image 34161

The program will prompt you to select a folder in the Start menu.
Check the box if you do not want the folder to be created in the Start menu.
Then click on the Next button...

Image 34162

Check the box if you want the program to create a shortcut on the desktop.
Then click the Next button...

Image 34163

After that, a window will appear with the settings you have chosen, if everything suits you, click Install...

Image 34164

Then the installation process will begin...

Image 15120

After the installation of the program is completed, this window will appear:

Image 34165

The program is installed, click Finish / Finish ...
In order for the program to start automatically, check the Launch ATAS option.

After installation, run the ATAS program and log in with your login and password that were sent to you by mail after registration, select the server manually or leave it on Auto (all servers are the same), then click the Connect button.

Image 34245

*In order not to enter your login and password each time, check the box Remember data

You can find the list of supported instruments here:

Available ATAS Platform Instruments for the Western Market

Available ATAS Platform Instruments for the Russian Market

Then, the main program window will be opened...

Image 40037

This concludes the installation of the program.

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