Workspace Setting

Workspaces form a structure with a set of Layouts and their constituent windows with which you constantly work. You can create as many different workspaces as necessary for your trading system and quickly upload a workspace you need.

Layouts can be used to structure Workspace windows by adding them to separate layers.

* More information about layouts can be found here:Layouts Settings.

To manage workspaces:

  • Select the Settings menu item in the main menu.
  • Select Workspaces.

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This will open the Workspaces window:

Image 17552

Image 591

Save Workspace

To save a workspace you should do the following:

  • Enter the name of the workspace in the Workspaces window text box.
  • Then click the Save, the workplace will now be displayed in the list.

* By default, all the workspace files are saved to C:\Users\...\Documents\Advanced Time And Sales\layouts\

Load Workspace

To load the desired workspace:

  • Select it from the list.
  • Then click the Load .

* The desired workspace can also be selected and loaded upon the launch of the program.

Image 592

** This loading option is possible if you have already saved workspaces.

Save to File - this feature allows saving settings to a file on your PC or on any other media.

For this:

  • Click Save to File.
  • Next, select the folder to save the file to.
  • Then, click Save in the window in which you indicated the saving path.

Import from File - load the settings stored on your PC or on any other media.

For this:

  • Click Import from File.
  • Next, navigate to the directory with the configuration file.
  • Double-click (left button mouse) on it.

To remove unnecessary workspaces, select such workspaces in the list in the Workspace window and click the Delete.

* Deleting a workspace will also delete all the layouts and windows saved in it!

To close the Workspaces window, click the Close.

To save all the settings of the working space, click Yes in the Close Application window when closing the platform.

Image 593

You can also watch the process of creation of workspaces and layouts in the following video:

Youtube video

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