Multi Market Powers

This indicator allows displaying a few Market Power indicators in one window simultaneously.

Indicator view on the chart.

Image 40921

*Note! When installed, the indicator has default settings and these settings are not suitable for all instruments and time frames, so the indicator needs to be configured.

To add and set up the following indicator, open the Indicators Setup window.

The Multi Market Powers indicator settings:

Image 1564


Show description - display the name of the indicator on the panel.


Cumulative trades

Filter No. 1

Enabled – enable/disable the display for the indicator line.

Line Width – set the thickness of the indicator line.

Maximum/Minimum Volume – using this option, you can set up the parameters, using which the indicator line will be built.

Color – a color setting of the indicator line.

*Note: the description of other filters’ settings in the indicator is the same as in filter No. 1.

IMPORTANT! To optimize the load on the server, the indicator data is displayed only for the current session.

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