Cluster Search

This indicator allows finding injection of big volumes in clusters. It contains many settings, which allows very flexible parameter selection.

In the current update of the platform (since version 5.7.2), the calculations of the indicator have changed. More details about the changes in the video.

Indicator view on chart:

*Note! Upon installation, the indicator has default settings, which are not appropriate for all instruments and time frames, therefore, it should be customized.

In order to add and set this indicator, open Indicator Settings.


Calculation Mode - selection of the calculated value parameter. There are 6 variants:

  • Bid
  • Ask
  • Delta
  • Volume
  • Ticks
  • Time

Minimum/Maximum value - set-up of the filter boundaries.

Delta Filters.

Bid Ask Imbalance (%) - this option initially calculates %% of Asks and Bids from the total volume.

For example, the total volume is at the level of 1,000 lots. There are 300 Asks and 700 Bids. It means that there are 30% of Asks and 70% of Bids. If the parameter is positive, the filter goes by Asks %%. The received %% of Asks should be bigger than the specified number. It means that if the parameter in our example is 30, the level will be selected.

If the parameter is negative, we calculate similarly by Bids %%.

Delta Filter - It could be both positive and negative. The ‘0’ value turns the option OFF.


Candle Direction - 3 display variants:

  • Bearish candle
  • Bullish candle
  • Any

Bars Range - this parameter allows joining neighbouring bars in one bar for calculation. If the received level satisfies filtration conditions, it will be selected.

Price range - it joins a set number of adjacent price levels for calculation.

Pips from High/Low - distance from the candle high and low to the highlighted level.

IMPORTANT! The following settings should be increased for proper operation of the indicator for very volatile instruments:

Price Location - 6 display variants:

  • At High
  • At Low
  • Any
  • Upper Wick
  • Lower Wick
  • At High or Low

Only One Selection Per Bar - if there are 2 display conditions in the current bar, only the maximum level will be shown if this option is ON.

Maximum/Minimum Average Trade - filtration by the average trade value (Average trade volume = Cluster volume at this price / Number of trades at this price).

Time filtration.

Use time filter - this filter will help to set up display of data for a certain period of time of every day (for example, you can set several indicators with different search settings for different time periods (one for a day session, another one for a night session and so on. This is logical since liquidity is different during day and night and the level of significant accumulations is also different).

Time From/Time to - it sets a time period during which liquidity should be tracked.


Color - color display set-up of a set volume.

Visual Mode - the mode of displaying selected sections. There are 5 variants:

  • Ellipse
  • Triangle
  • Rectangle
  • Diamond
  • Only Price

Visual Objects Transparency - set-up of the visual element transparency.

Cluster Selection Transparency - transparency of highlighted elements in clusters.

Fixed Sizes - all big volumes will have a similar size when this option is ON.

Size - standard selection size.

Minimum/Maximum Size - parameters, which allow limiting selection sizes.


Use Alerts - alerts are ON.

Alert File - selection of an audio alert file.

BackGround - color set-up of the background in the alert window.

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