Working with Templates

The ATAS platform has the ability to save chart configurations to templates, which makes it possible to quickly import and use your own settings. To save the chart configurations, click on the highlighted icon in the chart menu.

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Next, the Templates/Snapshots window will open.

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This window consists of 2 tabs:

Templates: this tab includes all the color settings of the chart as well as indicators.

Snapshots: this tab includes a chart template, all the graphical elements on the chart as well as the type and the timeframe of the chart.

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  • Saving configuration to Templates/Snapshots.

To save configurations to a template/snapshot:

1. Click Add

2. Enter the name of the template in the field that appears.

3. Click Ок.

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Let's have a look at the functions of all the buttons in this window:

1. Load - the selected template is applied to the chart.

2. Reset - return chart settings to default.

3. Defaults - when saving the default template, each next chart will be opened using this template.

4. Add - create a new template.

5. Save - save chart settings to the selected template.

the template will be saved to C:\Users\username\Documents\ATAS\Chart\Templates

the snapshot will be saved to C:\Users\Username\Documents\ATAS\Chart\Snapshots

6. Delete - delete the selected template.

7. Rename - rename the selected template.

8. Export - in this case, you need to specify/create a folder in the directory you need, the template will be saved there.

9. Import - select the file from which the template will be imported.

The buttons have similar functions for the snapshot tab.

*Please note that a snapshot cannot be taken by default.

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