Types of Chart Crosshairs. Navigation

On the ATAS platform, you can choose 3 variants of displaying the mouse crosshair by:

  • Clicking on the selected icon in the chart menu panel.
  • Selecting the desired crosshair variant.

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Description of crosshair modes.

Pointer: the mouse pointer is displayed as an arrow.

Crosshair: the mouse pointer is displayed as a crosshair.

Global Crosshair: the global mouse pointer, which is displayed the same on the timeline of all open charts regardless of the instrument and the time frame.

Chart Navigation.

To change the vertical or the horizontal scale, left-click and move the mouse in the price line or timeline areas without releasing the mouse button.

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To scroll through the chart, left-click on the chart and move the mouse to the left / right or up / down without releasing the button. Alternatively, you can use the mouse scrolling function, Page Up, Page Down buttons, or the slider at the bottom of the chart and arrows in the lower corners of the chart.

Image 40632

* The horizontal scale can also be changed with the mouse scrolling function (scroll without releasing the Ctrl key on the keyboard).

To return the chart to the last bar, press the button.Image 1162

To cancel the manually set scale, press the button.Image 1163

For the fast measurement of the number of bars and the price range, press the mouse scroll button and move the mouse to the required location.

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