Connecting to TopstepTrader Account

To connect your TST account, you need to start the platform.

After the authorization window appeared,

Image 34365

Register on the site here:

Image 34403

Enter the login and password that you received in the letter after registering on the page indicated above:

Image 34367

Standard credentials from the website aren't valid.

To connect your account, click on the "Connections" button in the main platform menu, then click "Add", select the TST account in the following window and click "Next."

Image 20079

Enter your login and password from the TST combine account.
If you do not have a TST account yet, you can open it here.

Image 19955

Click "Finish".

Check the box in the "Auto connect" column in order to connect your account automatically next time while starting the platform, after click the "Connect" button.

Image 19956

Now it is finished and you can start trading.

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