Rithmic Demo Registration

To register Rithmic Demo follow this link

Then, fill out the form to the right on the webpage and click Register.

Within 5 minutes, you will receive two messages to the email address indicated during the registration; one message will contain the login, the password, and the link to accept agreements.

* If the letter does not come, make sure you specified the correct an email, check your spam folder and try again.

To activate the demo, the letter should go to the link: http://rithmic.com/rag_paper.html

Image 487

After following the link, you will be taken to the RITHMIC AGREEMENTS page. Please enter the login and the password you have received by e-mail and click the Login button.

Image 488

This will open a webpage with two agreements to be accepted. Click on an agreement to open the agreement form.

Image 489

Important: in the first agreement, select Non-Professional if you do not want to pay for the use of Rithmic and click Submit.

Next, click OK.

Image 490

Carefully read the second agreement, if you agree, click I Agree, and then click OK.

Image 491

After successful acceptance, the status of agreements will change to Self-certified and Agreed:

Image 492

This concludes the Rithmic Demo account activation procedure. Now you can connect your newly created account to the ATAS platform. You can find detailed information on connecting here: Rithmic connection.

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