How to run two copies of the ATAS platform on one computer at a time?

The software development folder of the ATAS platform contains all the logs about actions in the platform, layouts with user settings for charts, etc. Each ATAS copy should use its own settings folder. To start several ATAS copies, each copy of the platform should have own specified path to the folder.

So, to start the second copy of the platform on the PC, perform the following:

  • Install the second version of the platform in a new folder; if necessary, create the second shortcut on the desktop. 
  • Open the Platform.exe.config file in this folder using any text editor, e.g. Notepad.

The default path to the file is as follows:

 C:/Program Files (x86)/ATAS/Platform.exe.config

*The folder should be changed when the platform is off. The new default folder is created when you enter the ATAS platform.

  • In this document, find the following text:

Write a path to the new default folder between the tags <value> and </value>.

This may be done by several ways:

  • You may write the full path to the folder, e. g.:


  • You may write a relative path, e. g.:


In this case, the ATASFolder catalogue will appear in the folder with the installed program. All the data will be stored here.

  • To set the path to the default folder, you may also use reserved symbols of the catalogues such as MyDocuments, Desktop, UserProfile, ProgramFiles, and ApplicationData.

For example, to create the Advanced Time And Sales folder on the desktop, where all the data is to be contained, write the following path:


To create a folder in Program Files: