It is possible to set Alerts in the ATAS platform. Alerts are notifications sent to a trader whenever a specific situation occurs in the market. This function allows you not to miss the desired signal when trading a large number of instruments. There is also no need to monitor the market all the time, the system will play an audio signal in case of market events.

This option is available in:

1. In the Smart Tape module.

Find the Smart Tape button in the main window.

Image 34597

To do this, open the Smart Tape settings and press Alerts, configure the necessary settings.

Image 34402

More detailed information can be found here:

2. In the Order Flow Indicator, Cluster Search, Dynamic level, Big trades, RTIndicator.

Open the settings window of an indicator, click Alerts and make the necessary settings.

Image 34598

3. In the settings of Horizontal Line.

Image 34599

In order to enable the alert, you need to add a drawing object to the chart and tick the Use Alert option in the settings.

Learn more about drawing objects here.

Alerts menu

You can see triggered alerts in the alerts window, to open it, you need to:

Image 34600

1. Click the left mouse button on the Home tab in the main window.

2. Select Alerts.

Next a window, which shows all the alerts, will open.


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