Problem loading in Indicators

Emanuel Mann 2 years ago updated by Андрей Ринас2 (ATAS developer) 2 years ago 6


I am having some trouble when loading in Indicators into an own one.

I tested with the SMA, Dynamic Levels and VWAP/TWAP.

all were imported as shown in the ATAS example as following:


private readonly SMA _sma = new SMA();

public myConstructor(){




From all 3 Indicators, I can only load in the SMA. Both the VWAP and Dynamic Levels print "Select indicator settigns error. Object reference not set to an instance of an object".

How can I implement any other Indicator besides the SMA and read its ValueDataSeries?

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Please provide us with your code and we will able to check.

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I put together an Indicator using the VWAP and all its standard deviations, please see attached file.

Example Code

After setting a DataProvider we finally got what we wanted.

Please use following constructor:

public ATAS_API_Code():base(true)