Not a bug

CumulativeTradesRequest Error message

Bidder 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 5

The first and second errors below are presented when loading indicator custom indicator to a chart 

The entire code from the custom indicator is in the file below.  

OnCumulativeTradesResponse never fires and it would seem that the CumulativeTradesRequest never completes normally. 

Image 18593

Image 18594


Any updates on this ?  

Is this being looked at ? 

What is the status of this ?? 

Not a bug


You need to call RequestForCumulativeTrades method to request for cumulative trades.

Please see below changed part of your code

if (OnceVar == 0)
int FmVol = 58;
int ToVol = 555;
CumTrdx = new ATAS.Indicators.CumulativeTradesRequest(System.DateTime.Now.AddDays(-3), DateTime.Now, FmVol, ToVol);
OnceVar = 1;

Thank you very much.  Got it working !