Not a bug

CumulativeTradesRequest Error message

Bidder 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 5

The first and second errors below are presented when loading indicator custom indicator to a chart 

The entire code from the custom indicator is in the file below.  

OnCumulativeTradesResponse never fires and it would seem that the CumulativeTradesRequest never completes normally. 


Any updates on this ?  

Is this being looked at ? 

What is the status of this ?? 

Not a bug


You need to call RequestForCumulativeTrades method to request for cumulative trades.

Please see below changed part of your code

if (OnceVar == 0)
int FmVol = 58;
int ToVol = 555;
CumTrdx = new ATAS.Indicators.CumulativeTradesRequest(System.DateTime.Now.AddDays(-3), DateTime.Now, FmVol, ToVol);
OnceVar = 1;

Thank you very much.  Got it working !