get the VAH, VAL of Session

Julian21 2 years ago updated by Андрей Ринас2 (ATAS developer) 2 years ago 1


I need get the volume area high (VAH), volume area low (VAL), the POC, of yesterday session, Atas has this functions?

Yes, can you get a simple sample or reference.

No, The correct way is generate a For cycle and get the volumen by tick, and calc the Point of Control POC, VAL and VAH?

Thanks for your attention, ideas and corrections

sorry, my english is a little



You can get yesterday's session using methods GetFixedProfile and OnFixedProfilesResponse (see sample here https://support.orderflowtrading.ru/knowledge-bases/46/articles/27788-maximum-levels)

But such received candles you can get POC (using MaxVolumePriceInfo property).

But now API doesn't support value area calculation. You need to implement it on your side.