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Create ATAS for MAC (OS X) / Создать ATAS для MAC (OS X)

Luis Prieto 3 years ago updated by jonas 6 months ago 4

Mac is one of the most used systems and its reliability, is much higher than Windows, I think it would be great to be able to use ATAS natively in MAC OS

In windows, the CPU consumption is very high, I think that by the way MAC would be more efficient.

Thank you

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Mac - одна из наиболее часто используемых систем, и ее надежность намного выше, чем у Windows. Думаю, было бы здорово иметь возможность использовать ATAS в MAC OS X.

В Windows потребление процессора очень высокое, я думаю, что, кстати, MAC будет более эффективным.


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yes i agree !!! i have switched to windows just for atas, super impressed with the software, but windows is a catastrophy! so many errors, cpu problems even though i got a quite powerful system.

i have to reboot mostly two or three times during the trading sessions. which can be very stressful during scalping.

so i can just encourage you to make a mac version. 

Under review

As you know, unfortunately there is no version for Mac at this point and right now developers are busy with improving Beta version of platform. In general we probably will develop version for MAC one day, but i can't tell you when. We still have a lot of work to finish before we can start work on Mac version. :)

atas for mac would be great indeed. There are not so many trading softwares on mac.

I totally agree - Atas for mac would be great!

Otherwise I would appreciate a tutorial for crossover (by code weavers), since parallels is lagging.