Stochastic oscillator (stochastic, stochastics) – a technical analysis indicator, which indicates the current price position as to the price range for a specific period in the past. It is measured in percent.

Indicator view on the chart.

Image 2568

To add and set up this indicator, open  the settings window.

Image 2569


Averadge period %D - is a red dotted line. This is a period of the moving average applied to %K.

Period %k - a solid line on the indicator, which means the indicator period.

Smooth - a parameter, which refers to the Period %K setting. This is a smooth parameter. This parameter increase reduces the index sensitivity and is mainly used to eliminate the market noise and not to allow the indicator to response very sharply to each change of quotations. 


Panel - selection of the indicator position on the chart:

  • New panel.
  • Chart.

Stochastic (% K)

Show value - display of the indicator value on the left on the price scale. 

Color - color setup of the indicator 

Visual type - visual setup of the indicator display on the chart: 

  • Line
  • Histogram
  • Hash
  • Block
  • Cross
  • Square
  • Dots
  • Up arrow
  • Down arrow
  • Axis label
  • Hide

Line style - setup of the line display: 

  • Solide
  • Dash
  • Dash-dot
  • Dash-dot-dot

Width - width setup for the indicator line 

*The D% line has the same visual settings as the Stochastic line.




Color - color setup of the Down line.

Line Style - setup of the line display: 

  • Solide
  • Dash
  • Dot
  • Dash-dot
  • Dash-dot-dot

Width - width setup for the Down line. 

Value - manual setup of the oversold line value. 

Text - this option allows adding a text to this line. 

*The Up line has the same visual settings as the Down line. 

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