This indicator shows delta value for each bar, i.e. the difference between market buys and sells.

Indicator view on chart:

Image 1892

In order to add and set this indicator, open Indicator Settings.

Image 5440


Alert File - Select the sound file of the alert.

BackGround - the color setting of the background in the alert window.

Use Alerts - turn on alert.

Font Color - the font color of the indicator value


Buys – color of trades filled at Ask price (market buys)

High Low Color – color setting of maximum/minimum delta in bar

Sells – color of trades filled at Bid price (market sells)


Bars direction

Delta type 



Show Legend – display of name on the indicator panel.


Minimize Mode – by default, to increase visualization of delta, the histogram is built on both sides of the zero horizontal level, depending on the delta sign (positive delta is built up from zero level, and negative delta is built down from zero level)

All indicator bars in Minimize Mode are only on one side, thereby reducing the space occupied by the indicator on the chart, provided that the delta sign is determined only by bar color.

Visual Mode – visualization of delta display on the chart.

Three display modes are available:

  • Candles
  • High Low
  • Bars

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