Market Power

Indicator that allows you to build and display session delta based on the chosen filters. For example, a session delta can be built only on the trades, the volume of which exceeds a certain level, namely, the “big players”.

Indicator view on the chart.

Image 1561

*Note! When setup for the first time, the indicator has the settings by default, and those settings are not suitable for all instruments and time-frames, thus it has to be attuned.

To add and setup the following indicator, open the Indicators Setup window.

Market Power indicator setup:

Image 1562


Show Legend – displaying the name on the indicator panel.


Color – color setup for the indicator line.

High Low Color – color setup for the High/Low line.

SMA Color – color setup for the simple moving average.

SMA Period – period setup for the simple moving average.

Width – indicator line width setup.


Show Cumulative – if this option is off, the indicator will be displayed as a histogram.

Show High/Low – turn on/off the High/Low line.

Show SMA – turn on/off the simple moving average line.

Volume Filter.

Maximum/Minimum Volume – using this option, parameters for building the session delta for trades within a certain volume range are setup.

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