Connecting to Huobi

1. Open the connection window in the main platform window by clicking the Connection button (1) or clicking on the connection indicator in the main platform window (2):

Next, the connection window opens:

To add a new connection, click Add/Add.

Next, a window will open with a list of available accounts and quote providers:

In this window, you need to choose the type of Huobi connection, then click Next/Next.

Two windows will be opened consistently - check out the contents and accept the agreements.

1) In the connection window, enter the keys you generated in your personal area on the exchange's website.

2) Click on next/Next.

Once you've set up your connection, it'll appear at a separate line in the connection list:

1. Type - Connection Source.

2. Name - account name.

3. State - After adding a new connection, its default status is Disconnected/Disconnected. To connect, you need to press the Connect button.

4. Is market data - includes and disables the receipt of quotes from this account.

5. Auto connect- automatic account connection function when the platform starts.

6. Connection Settings button.

7. Connection removal button.

8. Account disconnection button.

9. The button to create a new connection.

10. Connection window closing button.

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