Can I download more history on the chart?

Yes, in the upper panel of the chart click the menu item Period > Configure.

Image 4451

In the window that opens, you can configure the display of the types and periods of the charts.

Image 4452

Each kind of chart can be moved higher/lower on the list by clicking on up/sown buttons (1, 2), and upon preference.

For example, to adjust the Minute type chart, select it from the left column, then click the Edit button opposite the required period in the right column, Edit (marked with 3) to add new periodicity click the Add Button.

In the appeared window you can make the following settings

Image 4454

Set the desired number of days to load

After that, click on the Apply button and wait for the data to be downloaded from the server.

Image 4455

If you need to make a one-time change in the number of days loaded or in the end date, then uncheck Auto checkbox and select desired option

Image 4456

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