Working with Templates

The ATAS platform features the possibility to save chart configuration to templates, which enables quick importing and use of custom settings. To save a chart configuration, click on the highlighted icon in the chart menu.

This will open the Templates/Snapshots window.

This window consists of 2 tabs:

Templates: this tab includes all the color settings of the chart as well as indicators.

Snapshots: this tab includes a chart template, all the graphical elements on the chart as well as the type and the timeframe of the chart.

Saving configuration to Templates/Snapshots.

To save configuration to a template/snapshot:

  • Type the name of the template/snapshot in the line indicated in the figure above.
  • Select one of the three saving options:

1. Save: the template will be saved to


the snapshot will be saved to Documents\AdvancedTimeAnd Sales\snapshots\

2. Save To File: indicate/create a folder in the required directory to save the template/snapshot to.

3. Save As Default: when a template is saved by default it will be used when opening all charts in the future.

* Please note: a snapshot cannot be made default.

Importing Templates/Snapshots.

To import a template:

  • In the Templates/Snapshots window, select the required template/snapshot by left-clicking it once and click Load.
  • The Import From File button is used to select a template/snapshot from a previously saved file.

Deleting Templates/Snapshots.

To delete a template/snapshot:

  • Open the Templates/Snapshots window.
  • Select the unnecessary template/snapshot by left-clicking it once.
  • Next, click Delete.

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