OI analyzer

OI Analyzer combines two market Bid/Ask indicator and open interest. Each of these indicators individually very strong tool to analyze the market, but in addition each other produces a unique indicator which allows you to see the amount of opening/closing positions separately for buyers and sellers of certain price zones.

View indicator on the chart

* Please note the indicator works only on the futures of the Moscow stock exchange. Other instruments do not broadcast OI data online.

To add and configure the indicator, you must open the settings window.

1. Cluster display mode - enable the display of OIA occurs in clustered mode graphics.
2. Cumulative mode - enable the display of the OIA as a candlestick chart, when enabled - displayed as a histogram.
3. restrict the range - set a limited range of values of changes indicator on the chart.
4. Mode - select the display mode of the market participants (buyers/sellers). OIA is capable of displaying or market of buyers or sellers market.
5. Type of calculation -
Cumulative: in this case, the calculation is made taking into account the change in OI of only market transactions that took place in the tape, and the direction is determined by the difference in the change in open interest to a greater or lesser side, respectively.
Separated: in this case, real changes in open interest are taken into account separately for the ask and bid transactions, taking into account both market orders and limit orders combined with them.
6. Color - choice of colour graphics OIA.
7. Grid spacing is the distance between the nearest grid levels in the indicator window
8. Show/Hide Legend  -display indicator name.

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