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Подключение по API криптобиржи BingX

s20g22r03 vor 1 Woche aktualisiert von Никита Герасимов vor 1 Woche 1

Уважаемые разработчики, прошу вас реализовать возможность подключения по API криптовалютной биржи BingX.


Add Brent Oil to Atas Trading Platform

Kev theforexscalper Vor 11 Stunden 0

Hello traders!

I want to bring an important topic that I believe would greatly benefit all of us who trade Brent oil with order flow tools.

As some of you may know, I have the privilege of leading a large and enthusiastic community of traders, and we're all eagerly awaiting the addition of Brent oil to the ATAS platform!

I want Brent oil (ICE) to the ATAS platform and share why I believe this would be a fantastic idea not only for me but for numerous other traders who face challenges finding a reliable platform offering Brent.

While ATAS platform has proven itself as a reliable platform for traders, the absence of Brent oil (ICE) limits our options when it comes to trading it.

Many traders within my community, including myself, have found immense success by incorporating order flow techniques into our Brent oil trading strategies.
However, the struggle lies in finding a platform that supports Brent oil trading with order flow tools.

This is where the addition of Brent oil to the ATAS platform becomes a game-changer.

By including Brent oil as a tradable instrument and integrating order flow tools, ATAS would bridge the gap and provide an all-in-one solution for us traders.

I believe that by showing our collective interest and support, we can encourage the developers of ATAS platform to seriously consider adding Brent oil to their list of supported instruments.

The more voices we have, the stronger our message becomes, and the higher the chances of making this idea a reality.

If you share this and believe that Brent oil deserves a place on ATAS, please take a moment to express your support by commenting below 

Thank you!

Kev (The Forex Scalper)


Написание своего робота

srg777 vor 5 Jahren aktualisiert von Андрей Ринас2 (ATAS developer) vor 3 Jahren 5

Так как весь мой анализ рынка завязан исключительно на атасе, то все инструменты и графики, которыми я пользуюсь, есть только в атасе. И я уже задумываюсь о написании своего робота. Есть программист.

Но, к сожалению, пока нет в Атасе возможности написания роботов. Надеюсь, эту идею многие поддержат и она когда-нибудь будет реализована.


Request for a few more sample strategies folder upload as completed projects on GitHub, please

Yuk vor 2 Jahren 0

In order to help us understand the actual method of implementing strategy sample code with C#, I would appreciate it very much if someone can share a link to download the strategies folder as completed projects on GitHub as an example. 

I am struggling to recreate appropriate class names and data names in order to reproduce the below sample strategies. 

For example:




You can get examples from our GitHub repository here 


CurrentPostion of a Strategy

Jose Manuel Benitez vor 2 Jahren 0

I'm coding a strategy which place Limit Orders and I use also another ATM Strategy which set TP and SL once the Limit Order has been reached. I don't want to have more than one position in market at same time, then before placing a new order I would like to check if a position is still active (TP or SL of last position haven't been touch yet). I though I could use CurrentPosition attibute to check this, but CurrentPositon remains at 1 or -1 after closing the last position. How should I check whether a position is in the market before sending a new Limit Order at the market?


ATAS trade copier for multiple account

nico73 vor 7 Monaten aktualisiert von nechronics vor 5 Monaten 1


Is it possible to develop a trade copier for multiple account?

I find it for ninja but I like Atas plateform.

For exemple for three account I would like

Buy 1 ES

Account X 1 ES

Account Y 1 ES

Account Z 3 MES

At the same time with one master account and two slave.
with market order or limit order if its possible



identify iceberg by code?

JUAN CRUZ vor 2 Jahren 0

identify order iceberg by code?


Как получить цену более высокого таймфрейма?

Adam Gold vor 6 Monaten aktualisiert von Gor vor 4 Monaten 1

Как мне получить цену открытия дневки если я на пятиминуке скажем?




lmm014 vor 1 vor einem Jahr 0

Hi, how can I get the price level  and direction (Buy/Sell) of a Big Trade?


Is it possible to Debug an indicator/strategy (visual studio debug)

MrBadTSP vor 3 Monaten aktualisiert von Manuel P vor 3 Wochen 1


To debug my indicators/strategy im using the Logging provided by Utils.Common.Logging and see the output in ATAS Logs. 

Its working but its a pain to use (many try and errors, compile, copying file, reloading strat in ATAS, start strat on chart, waiting trade, see ouput logs).

Is there a way to Debug using visual studio ? (using breakpoints, watch, etc...)

Thank you :)